AI-Powered Platform for

Legal Market Insights

AI-Powered Platform for

Legal Market Insights


CFRED’s 17th LegalTech Seminar

Harnessing LegalTech and Social Listening in Modern Lawyering


Moderator:Prof.Eliza Mik, Assistant Professor, CUHK LAW
28 February 2022 (Monday)5:00pm – 6:30pm online seminar

Powerful Legal Analysis Database

Sentencing Patterns

900+ Offences


2,500+ Lawyers

900+ Law firms

600+ Judges

Distribution of Damages

1,500+ cases of personal injuries, employees’ compensation, equal opportunities, and defamation 

Unlock the Key to Business Success with Social Listening

》 Instant industry news and trends

》 Monitor your brand, clients and competitors

》 Monitor the public opinions of any concerned topics

Fast and Concise Analysis with Cutting-edge Legal Technology

》Reliable service powered by 10 Years+ big data and  AI  technology

》In-depth analysis powered by Neural Network, Deep Learning Module

》Accurate insights by AI Cluster Analysis, Chinese and English Natural Language Processing(NLP)and  semantic analysis

》Comprehensive data mining with web crawling, API and data source management


Create charts and report efficiently

》Real-time statistical analysis

》Flexible charts selection

》Customized reports


Leverage LawMiner to boost efficiency & business performance

Database of Insights

Is legal protection of animals sufficient? Legal scholars and law students explore at [Insights] for topical research.

Intelligent Search

Access Judgment, Legislation, Social Media, and Online News at one go at [Search]. Bilingual search and smart auto charts are available to further enhance efficiency.

Industry Analysis

Which solicitors’ firms are most active in the last 7 days? Check their activities in civil & criminal courts, or courts at different levels at [Industry Info].

Business Development

Which solicitors’ firms have handled the most legally-aided cases in the last year? See their names at [Insights]’s smart charts.

Social Listening

What are the latest trends in legal industry? Monitor online news that you care about at [Social Listening].

Please see demo for more features of LawMiner. Legal information is updating every day.

“It is a very interesting and novel idea. This platform provides extensive insight into judges’ decisions and the practices of individual lawyers. I recommend this platform to those who are interested in how our judiciary and legal profession operate.”

- Cheng Huan, S.C.

“LawMiner is a groundbreaking platform that has an intuitive interface and an assortment of functions suitable for all users. It utilises cutting-edge big data and AI technology in gathering data to provide all-round market analysis in relation to the legal industry. Law researchers, practitioners, students or even marketing personnel would largely benefit from this powerful tool.”

- Albert Luk W.H., barrister-at-law

LawMiner skillfully weaves law and social listening with technology – it enables you to understand the legal world against the broader context of what’s happening in the community. You can gain insights on a lot of useful trends – how often a lawyer or law firm takes on legally aided cases, how many judgments a particular judge hands down for a certain criminal offence, and the factors affecting the compensation awarded to litigants in personal injury cases. With LawMiner, lawyers will be able to see the ‘big picture’ and thus formulate a better litigation strategy for their clients.” 
– a University Professor in Law and Tech / a Senior Practising Lawyer


“It’s particularly useful to legal professional bodies, policy makers and think tanks.”

As a user of LawMiner, Foster believed that it had a unique advantage. ‘It provides its user with a bird’s eye view of the developments and trends of the legal sector. It’s particularly useful to people who have to conduct research, such as legal professional bodies, policy makers and think tanks. LawMiner presents data in image forms, which I find easier to understand and master.’

Foster Yim Hong-cheuk, Barrister-at-law

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